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Tribology, coined by the late Professor Jost in 1966, is the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion. It includes the study and application of the principles of frictionlubrication and wear. Tribology is highly interdisciplinary. It draws on many academic fields, including physicschemistrymaterials sciencemathematicsbiology, and engineering.

Founding Partner

Having graduated from Imperial College, London with a Maths degree, Masters in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Tribology (from the mechanical engineering department), Rich Baker went to work in the automotive sector first for Ford motor company as a design engineer before joining PCS Instruments in 2003.

In 2019 he established TriboTonic having seen a need within the market to offer customers across Europe a range of instruments as well as tailored support within the fuels and tribology sectors.

On establishing TriboTonic, Baker said

“I wanted to create a business that can help support tribology and petroleum customers across Europe by supplying the best equipment to aid in their day-to-day work” 

Instrument Sales

We act as the first point of contact for sales enquiries for our distribution partners PCS Instruments, Falex Corporation and CFR for the Ignition Quality Tester. We provide technical advice to aid decision making as well as managing the instrument sale through from quotation to installation.

Testing Standards

TriboTonic’s owner, Dr Rich Baker, is currently the chairman of the SAE E34C committee in the USA and has just stepped down from being chairman of the Tribology Group at the IET in the UK. He has also given numerous presentations to both small and large groups (from companies to conferences) both on technical Tribology and technical sales subjects.


TriboTonic customers receive end to end, first class support from the knowledgeable team, from consultations, to site visits we’re able to offer tailored solutions to wear, friction and lubrications needs. 

Specimen & Spare Part Sales

We offer a full range of specimens for PCS Instruments, as well as spare parts for CFR Engines Ignition Quality Tester.

We additionally act as distributors for Metaspec ASTM standard test specimens across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


With over 20 years of industry knowledge, Dr Rich Baker is able to offer consultancy services to support a range of tribology, fuels and lubricant sectors.


We offer a full range of instrument servicing options, from one off maintenance through to annual contracts. All services are undertaken by our experienced network of professional servicing engineers.

European Representation

TriboTonic can extend support to companies needing representation at European conferences, exhibitions and meetings. 


We offer a range of training options, helping customers with introduction to Tribology overviews and application system training as well as tailored training programmes with our network of partners.

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