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Operating at up to 20 m/s and measuring lubricant film thickness down to 1 nm in the elastohydrodynamic lubricating regime, the EHD-HS represents the forefront of lubricant film testing. Modern system designs have super finished contacting surfaces allowing them to operate
with lubricant film thicknesses below 10 nm and the unique interferometry method used by the EHD-HS enables accurate measurements down to 1 nm, far below the values possible with other measurement techniques. Upgraded software and mechanical systems make improvements to the instrument’s already outstanding reliability and usability. The ability of the EHD-HS to run at speeds up to 20 m/s makes it an ideal choice for researchers studying high speed applications such as electric vehicle drivetrains, and for those studying the effect of additives in automotive lubricants, metalworking fluids, emulsions, turbine oils and greases. In addition to film thickness measurements, traction coefficients can be measured at any slide/roll ratio from pure rolling up to pure sliding.

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