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Ignition Quality Tester

The automated Ignition Quality Tester (IQT™), with patent pending air assisted fuel injection system, is a combustion based analytical instrument which enables the determination of the ignition quality of diesel fuels in a rapid, quiet and cost-effective way.

Key Features:

– Accurately and precisely determines the ignition quality of diesel and alternative diesel fuel

– ASTM approved D6890 and EN 15195 (IP 498) & ASTM D975 (diesel), ASTM D6751 (biodiesel)

and EN 590 (diesel)

– Referee test method for the parafinic fuels test method (EN15940)

– Sensitive to cetane improver additives with no carryover (3000ppm+2EHN); sensitive to small

fuel variations

– Improved repeatability and reproducibility

– Automated test procedure and quiet operation (easy to operate)

– Automated calibration (TALM-K2 software and extra-large fuel reservoir)

– Short test time

– Small sample size

– High level of reliability, low operating and maintenance costs

The standard IQT LM model can be upgraded with a series of TALM kits, which provide automation, increase the precision of results, shorten automated calibration time, reduce the operator intervention and improve safety.

Package of selected IQT™-TALM kits:

  • TALM-K1: System Control Cabinet
  • TALM-K2: IQT™ System Software and TALM IQT™ System Control Software
  • TALM-K3: Nozzle Tip Temperature Control
  • TALM-K4: Combustion Chamber Tail Temperature Control
  • TALM-K6: Electronic Coolant Flow Indicator


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