Falex offer 2 models for Thermal Fouling Testing. The RPA model and the SAE model. The Falex Thermal Fouling Tester and Refinery Process Analyzer (RPA) is helpful for research projects and production studies of heat exchanger fouling tendencies, antifoulant efficiency studies, and crude oil fouling studies.  Click here for more information on the RPA model The […]

Ignition Quality Tester

The automated Ignition Quality Tester (IQT™), with patent pending air assisted fuel injection system, is a combustion based analytical instrument which enables the determination of the ignition quality of diesel fuels in a rapid, quiet and cost-effective way. Key Features: – Accurately and precisely determines the ignition quality of diesel and alternative diesel fuel – ASTM approved […]


The PCS Instruments Automated BOCLE System (ABS) is a microprocessor-controlled ball-on-cylinder wear test system for fast, repeatable assessments of the performance of jet fuels. The system is compact and requires minimal external services. The ABS can be configured to meet the following standard test methods. ASTM D5001 – Standard Test Method for Measurement of Lubricity […]


The High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) is a microprocessor-controlled reciprocating friction and wear test system which provides a fast, repeatable assessment of the performance of fuels and lubricants. It is particularly suitable for wear testing relatively poor lubricants such as diesel fuels and for boundary friction measurements of engine oils, greases and other compounds. It […]


The Automated BOCLE System Scuffing Load (ABSSL) is a fully automated lubricity tester of diesel fuel. The Standard ABS test equipment can be modified for SL-BOCLE testing or ABSSL test equipment supplied as new. The ABSSL can be configured to meet the following standard test methods. ASTM D-6078 – Standard Test Method for Evaluating Lubricity […]